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Over the years, I've interviewed Doctors, patients, and ex-pats in Thailand, Malaysia, and Turkey at worldwide Conferences. 


The general consensus? Thailand, Malaysia, and Turkey are about 10 years ahead of U.S. Healthcare system in:


  • Digital Healthcare Records

  • Direct Payment to the practitioner

  • The Art of Healing Communication 

  • Follow up care

  • Respecting and Integrating Alternative Medicine (i.e., Nutrition, Acupuncture, TCM)

  • Job Satisfaction

It's time for a change and a new international perspective on healthcare.  


In the past, any mention of dental or medical services performed outside the U.S., was met with, "What are you thinking? Healthcare in 3rd world countries?!"  No sense in arguing.


 If only they could see what I've seen in these developing nations:


  • a Joint Commission International (JCI) approved

  • b. Western styled hospitals with cutting-edge equipment.  

  • c. All nurses are highly qualified, Registered Nurses.

  • C. Practically non-existent (HAI) Hospital Acquired Infections, i.e., site, staff, MRSA, c.difficile.

CEO/Publisher - Krystina Marie Price 


My parents immigrated to Chicago the long way from Europe, through Siberia. Growing up, my life was peppered with stories, not only about Siberia, but on their way out through Uzbekistan, Africa, Mexico, and the Yucatan, where they lived before coming to the U.S. in '47. They referenced people and places they knew in Karachi, India where my older brother was born. India then, Pakistan now. Poland then, Ukraine, now.  My life has always naturally been about the news in other countries


As the first natural born citizen in the family, at the age of 5 in '55, I could interchange English and Polish well enough to act as interpreter/teacher. I remember spending evenings after dinner studying the Constitution with them and translating citizenship papers.


Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM, the family spread out on the plastic covered sectional, or on the floor, to watch Tata tune the TV antenna for, Picture for a Sunday Afternoon.  


We all loved Shirley Temple on foreign locations, "On the Road" pictures with Hope and Crosby, "Gunga Din" in India, Peter O'Toole in, "Lawrence of Arabia" and our overall family favorite, "Taurus Bulba" with Yul Brynner and Tony Curtis.


Lucky me, years later working behind the curtain in Hollywood's film factory, meeting one of my first Beverly Hills neighbor, Tony Curtis.


Shirley Temple lived right here in Santa Monica and worked at Fox Studios when she wasn't on location. Her bungalow became a quick-fix hospital for production crews on the lot.  


I believe Movie Magic, happens when the story takes place in the glow of a distant location and that the power of film is capable of providing a wealth of culture and education that may serve to impact humanity. i.e., Russel Crow's "The Water Diviner".


Early dreams of retirement included a little travel agency of my own, disguised as an office for writing my own "on the road" stories. I guess you could say I'm living the dream.


Visiting Cuba became a passion and a dream come true in 2016. 

It was a great learning experience in so many ways.


I was impressed with the strides Cuba's made in Diabetes and Cancer therapy without American pharmaceuticals, and that acupuncture is an integrated healing modality in Cuba, thanks to Chinese immigration over 100 years ago.


Cuban children today plant Chinese herbs at school, growing up with the knowledge of which leaf to use for what ailment. 


I will always and forever be grateful to the country and people of Thailand, who invited me to visit when I was selling advertising in 2006.


I believe it was after another trip in 2008, that I was invited to participate in a sponsored media contest for Medical Tourism bloggers.

The Grand Prize was $10,000. and a free trip back to Thailand.


I didn't win the trip, but the challenge of creating that blog changed my focus and created my first permanent view of my own on healthcare in Thailand:


I am also indebted to Malaysia and Turkey for their hospitality. My homage is  


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