Our Vision

Face-to-face communication and cultural cooperation through Study Abroad Programs

is the only effective path to the positive changes urgently needed in U.S. healthcare.


CME-Abroad.com Study Abroad Programs are dedicated to:


  • Sharing knowledge and discovery


  • Personal interaction with the culture of the people and their country's customs


  • Fostering ongoing medical inspiration and innovation


CME Credit | Professional Continuing Education | Top Wellness Medical




Make a commitment to yourself today to expand your healthcare horizons.


Begin by Subscribing to our latest news and announcements about future Medial Travel Adventures.


Extend your stay or tie-in a cultural celebration such as the Ballet in Cuba, Songhran (Easter) in Thailand, Cruising in Turkey, or a festival in Malaysia.



Contact us directly for individualized Study Abroad Programs and Medical Conferences.


Working together on Global Healthcare to benefit the entire human race.





The possibilities are endless, and include:


A fun and enriching educational option to expanding your global view of Healthcare.


Renewed vigor in in the Healing Arts.


Gain a better understanding of your patient's culture and customs.



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