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CUBA U.S. Citizens can expect to depart from LAX aas well as NY and Miami to Havana and back, on LEGAL chartered flights.FAQ - On 12/12/2015, 


Travel Insurance is part of the package and includes medi-vac, back to Miami, (a very smooth operation.)


Trip Cancellation Insurance is different and not included - but available for purchase. 


We explore Cuba in comfortable, up-to-date tour busses and always stay in the best possible hotels.  


Visit privately owned, family restaurants and shops and bring home a total of up to $400. on cigars and rum.


Beginning on December 12, 2015, U.S. Citizens can depart  from LAX to Havana and back, on chartered American Airlines flights. (fyi- No FF miles.)


Note:  For an additional baggage fee of $2. per pound, you are allowed to bring in goodwill contributions directly to the Cuban people.   Suggestions are: reading glasses, bandages, aspirin, toothpaste, pencils, crayons, magic markers, fabric, and a bunch of other simple things they'd be thrilled to have.


More information will be provided once you register for the trip.



Medical Tourism Cuba | Medical Education Cuba


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