Waiting for Christmas-maybe New Year's

You may be wondering if I've forgotten about my readers and subscribers, but that's not the case. I think about you almost daily but decide to wait until there's something concrete to report.

The 2016 Medical Conference Schedule hasn't shown up yet. I've been requesting a 2016 schedule everywhere I go and checking online.

New associations have presented themselves, like CubaTravelNetwork, and CubaTravelServices - providers of charter flights to Cuba from LAX.

I recently found the 50 year old, Center for Cuban Studies in New York at a Cuban Art Exhibit here in Santa Monica. Jesse, my new project manager assures me, as best he can, that the Center will bring home the CME bacon we need. And I believe him.

After all, we are dealing with medicine and academia, hopfeully, that makes CME-Abroad a special case, where everyone wins - in the end.

Although I'm looking forward to returning to see the friends I made in Cuba during my visit, I am often reminded how difficult it is to do business with Cuba. Let's be patient, keep the faith, but

mindful of some of the realities:


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